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20 Sep 2013

Iklan Perlis: T-Shirt Printing Business in Malaysia

Tajuk Iklan*:T-Shirt Printing Business in Malaysia
Web Site:http://www.usahawan.com/home/bisnes-t-shirt-cenderahati/pakej-perniagaan-cetak-t-shirt
Isi Iklan Anda*:Ever crossed your mind to start a printing business? If so, read on, at least you will get a little input from us. We are

proud to introduce to you the Heat Press Business Package

You not only can print T-shirt, it also can be applied ??on bags, mousepad, jigsaw puzzle, tiles, pillow and various other

souvenirs (heat transfer products)

If you buy the the Heat Press Business Package, you will get:

1 unit Heat Press Machine
4 bottles 100ml sublimation ink CYMK,en
1 set of 100 pcs sublimation paper
10 pcs dark garment paper
1 unit Epson L110 printer
1 pc T-Shirt Microfibre
5 units Mousepad
2 units Jigsaw Puzzle
2 units Ceramic Tile
500 Professional Graphic Templates

Our Heat Press Machine has many advantages, including:

- Safe use, durable and economical.
- Uniform heating systems in all divisions.
- Voltan as much as 110 volts with Power 2250watt.
- Temperature range up to 399C.
- Workspace size 38 x 38cm.
- Weight of 24 kilograms and Dimension is 72cm x 44cm x 39cm
- Heating plate area is equal 38 x 38 centimeters,
- An adjustable pressure knob.
- Made from steel.
- Determinants of the time can be adjusted and will produce sound when time is achieved.

If you need heat transfer materials, we also supply them with reasonable prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Heat Press Business Package today and get some extra bonus for FREE

Please contact:

06-6715360 (Office)
012-6738994 (Cik Yasmin)
013-6063393 (En Lutfi)
Website: http://www.usahawan.com/home/bisnes-t-shirt-cenderahati/pakej-perniagaan-cetak-t-shirt
Foto Upload (2M max):heat-press-package.jpg
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